Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Let’s debunk the top five dominobet and poker myths about Indonesian market. Check out some facts about the worst lies spread in the internet regarding Indonesian gambling industry.

Have you ever played poker in an Indonesian website? No? Let me try to answer why…

You might be probably worrying that this isn’t the most common country with advanced gambling industry. Or you don’t know any poker websites with such an origin. Here’s what: Indonesian poker platforms are in most cases not just official and legal, but also safe and legalized. In addition to this, these days you can find plenty of reliable poker and dominobet websites where to register.

Most of the myths about the Indonesian poker experience and operators are related with factors like abundance of services and licenses. Today, I have busted 5 of them. And we are sure that this action of mine is going to change your opinion about Indonesian gambling houses.

  1. Indonesian websites are not protected against hackers. There’s no such a thing. By the way, almost any website in the web right now – whether a casino, an estore or even a blog platform – is protected from such attacks. The casinos in the internet are in most cases with special SSL encrypted systems.
  2. There’s nothing so interesting to play in an Indonesian poker website. As a matter of fact, you have more options to test rather than in a standard European poker platform. Besides the classical Omaha and video poker games, for instance, in an Indonesian company you will be welcomed with exotic poker offers like dominobet.
  3.  I cannot play poker in an Indonesian website, because I don’t live there. Actually, most people from Indonesia cannot play in their own online casinos. It’s because gambling is not exactly legal in the country. All foreign punters, though, are welcomed.
  4. An Indonesian website cannot offer me proper and suitable payment methods to make deposits and withdrawals for my poker activity. About 90% of the payment methods are indeed related with local banks and bank wire transfers. However, every Indonesian company relies on the international audience, which is why you will always find some decent e-wallets and other internet systems suitable for financial transactions from and to your poker account.
  5. How can I play Indonesian poker games, if I don’t understand the language at all? Wait a second? Do you really think that all poker websites were made in the UK, so that’s why they are available in English? As a matter of fact, a lot of them are based in Austria, Cyprus and even Bulgaria. All of these don’t mean you play poker in German, Greek or Bulgarian, right? In Indonesian website there’s even English-speaking customer support service. Don’t worry about any language difficulties at all.

Playing in an Indonesian poker website is a lot of fun. Plus – my personal opinion is that there are greater bonuses and quite high quality poker services here.


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