Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Did you know these cool Poker Online and offline facts, guys? Do not hesitate to read some curious information about the oldest gambling card game right away.

Playing poker online might something you have mastered as a real pro, but when it comes to be a real specialist in a gambling game, skills are not enough. Some knowledge is also a must. Due to this, we would like to remind you that knowing basic and fundamental information about your favorite gambling game is not recommended, but on mandatory. Speaking of which, let us make a quick test with you. Did you know these 10 poker facts, guys?

  1. There’s a unique hand in this card game. It’s called dead man’s hand. This poker hand is a combo of two aces and two 8s. The curious thing about it that the name comes from hand Wild Bill Hickok who had it when he was shot in the back of the head by Jack McCall.
  2. One of the most legendary poker format – Texas Hold Em – is nearly 100-years old. To be more specific, the first Texas Hold Em Game was played in Texas in the first months of 1900th year. Hence, a couple of months later it was officially transferred to Las Vegas.
  3. Ok, and did you know that Phil Hellmuth owns 11 bracelets WSOP and this is actually the world record amount of one person’s won bracelets. The biggest poker winner of all time, on the other side, is Antonio Esfandiari.
  4. Most of the biggest poker winners started their activity in the game with money they did not even own or earned.
  5. The longest poker game lasted more than 8 years!
  6. Female poker players have becoming more and more. However, this game is still a masculine type. To be more specific, the correlation between the male and the female poker punters is about 10 to 1.
  7. The country with the biggest number of Poker Online players nowadays is Russia. Although many people still think that it’s the United States of America.
  8. However, poker is indeed very popular in the USA. A recent study has shown that nearly 20% of the current American population has been involved in poker. Most of them are now online to play their favorite game.
  9. Anna Kournikova is also a type of a popular poker hand name. To be more specific, this hand name is given to the hands that look quire great, but is not so easy or beneficial to be played at all. 
  10. Till the official beginning of the application of the poker rule for 52 card deck made back in the 1834, poker was actually played with 20 cards only.

So, did you find out something new about your favorite game? Don’t stop enriching your poker culture. It always helps. Or at least it gives you some self-confidence, right?


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